Wood floors are very durable but unfortunately circumstances can arise that makes their repair necessary. Common hardwood floor damage includes buckling and warping caused by prolonged exposure to water. If caught soon enough, water damage can often be repaired by simply applying some drying techniques. We can help you with this. Dents and gouges can also require repair. Deep dents and gouges may be repaired using an application of matching wood dough putty, or, may require replacing boards.


All types of damage can be repaired by our skilled family of craftsmen. We can expertly match wood type, color, and finish sheen to seamlessly repair any wood floor.

Repairing your hardwood floors is very important to maintaining the value and beauty of your home. At Cox's Fine Floors, we specialize in hardwood floors. Our experts will assess the damage and determine the best course of action. We are dedicated to providing our customers with an efficient and cost-effective solution that will restore the beauty of your floor. We will also determine the areas of your floor that need replaced, as well as the areas that can be restored by re-sanding, refinishing, and/or repositioning. All proper dust containment methods will be used to ensure a clean and safe environment while the repairs are completed.

Over time, hardwood floors can develop splits or cracks in the surface of the wood, gaps between the planks, buckling, warping, dents, and scratches that decrease the value of your home and can cause more significant problems if not repaired. No matter what the extent of the damage, Cox's Fine Floors is your best choice in Dallas, Texas, for a hardwood floor repair professional. In addition to repairing the damage for you, we can also determine the root of the problem and assess whether further action needs to be taken to prevent damage from occurring in the future.

With Cox's Fine Floors, you can be confident that the damage to your hardwood floors will be repaired with the highest level of quality. If you have any questions or we can assist you in any way, please contact Cox's Fine Floors at 972-461-0707. For your convenience, you can also request services online.