When you choose to install granite countertops, vanity tops, or shower walls you are making a long-to-lifetime commitment and that is why taking great care of your granite is important. At Cox's Fine Floors we have a few granite care tips that can help you keep your granite looking as good as the day it was installed.

 Care Tips for Granite Countertops:

Do clean up spills immediately. Wine, coffee, fruit juices, sodas, tomato sauce, or any other acidic substances could potentially stain your granite top. The same applies to cooking oils. Although hot water will do for a fast cleanup job, it is best to use a granite care cleaner.

Do use coasters under your bottles and glasses. This helps protect the surface from stains.

Do use hot pads when setting down hot pans, pots and dinnerware. While granite can typically handle the heat, any substance that may have made it to the bottom of your pot or pan could scratch or chip your natural surface.

Do use cutting boards to prevent scratches on your granite, and to keep your knives' edges from becoming dull and damaged.

Don't use bleach, glass cleaners or degreasers during your granite care process. These products contain acids and alkalis which tend to weaken the granite sealer and leave your granite susceptible to stains.

Don't use bathroom tub and tile grout cleaner on your granite since this product can contain abrasives that will scratch or dull your natural surface.

Don't place makeup, nail polish, perfumes, creams, hair products, or lotions on your granite.

Although these are granite care tips, you can also apply these rules to all your stone or solid surface countertops, vanity tops, and more to help prevent any potential problems or damages.

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