Going out hunting for the best carpet to suit your taste and needs? Buying carpet to enhance your home can be tough, choosing the right color, fabric, style, quality and price can be stressful. In addition to the endless carpet scams that have become so prevalent in the carpet installation market today.

Before making such huge decision on which carpet to buy or which carpet company or retailer to contact, it might help you to keep these carpet buying tips and safeguards in mind.

 Choosing the Right Fiber:

Nylon - Nylon carpets are the highest selling type of commercial rug, they are also the most durable and stain resistant carpet fiber available. If your home is the type with children and pets running around, then, this just might be your carpet of choice.

Polyester - If you want to achieve a luxurious look in your home, then polyester carpets could be the one for you. Polyester rugs come in a variety of colors and styles to fit most any taste. It's a good value for homes with a normal amount of traffic. It is less durable and stain resistant than nylon, though.

Polypropylene (Olefin) - This type of fiber offers good stain and moisture resistance, but comes only in limited styles and colors.

Wool - If you want something elegant and beautiful, and have the money to spend for an expensive carpet, then wool is the answer. This type of rug is said to be "favored for its natural beauty."

Choosing the Most Stain Resistant:

When choosing the right carpet for your home, make sure you take into consideration the amount of traffic in the house, like if you have kids, pets, or entertain regular visitors. Buy the carpet that will suit your everyday needs.

Choosing the Color:

Your carpet must connect all the other design elements in a room. Your carpet's color scheme must compliment your walls, window treatments and other furnishings.

To help you decide easier, bring home fabric and color samples from the store you visit. Make sure to check the samples during the day and at night. The lighting in the store could give the colors different shades than how they would look at home. Also, check out the samples on the floor to get a better view.

Choosing the Style:

Refined for centuries, weaving is the method by which the ultimate quality carpets are made.

In this modern development, loops of yarn are inserted (tufted) into a pre-woven backing. Tufting brings versatility to designers and affordability to buyers. By far, most carpeting sold today is tufted. Tufted carpets come in three styles:

Cut Pile:
This consists of yarns that are cut at the ends. Its soft feel makes it perfect for your bedroom, living room and family room.

Loop Pile:
Loop Pile carpet has loops that are not cut, forming tufts that bend over into the backing. This type of carpet has excellent durability, strength and soil hiding capabilities. Generally, they are good for higher traffic areas.

Cut & Loop:
Cut and Loop carpet has both types of tufts. You find Cut & Loop carpets in both formal and casual settings. This type is slightly less durable than loop carpets.

Choosing the Most Affordable:

Before making your big decision, go to several carpet retailers and outlets and look over various brands and carpet samples. List down and compare prices with at least 4-5 varieties, in this way you can make a short list of the best picks in terms of affordability. When you find the ones you like, borrow samples of these to check at home.

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