If you are shopping for new carpeting you probably have many questions. This page has been designed to provide answers to your questions. If you have further questions or we can assist you in any way, please contact Cox's Fine Floors at 972-461-0707. For your convenience, you can also request services online.


Is it ok to use different carpet in different rooms?


It is very common to use different carpets in different areas. There are often various decorum in different areas of the home, and the flooring has to compliment this accordingly. Also, if anything happens to the flooring in one room at a later time, it can be changed in this room without disrupting the look of any other areas in the home.

How long should new carpet last?


New carpet should be taken care of. While most carpets today can withstand normal wear for extended periods of time, there are many things that can be done to help your carpet last longer. Typically with normal wear you should expect to get anywhere from 5-20 years out of your carpet depending on fiber type, and care after installation.

What is a remnant?


A remnant is a small piece of carpet usually smaller than 12' x 20'. It is also referred to as an "end roll", and can be used for a small room, runner, or for area rugs. At Cox's Fine Floors, we always have remnant carpet available that may have discounted prices.

Do you sell used carpet?


No. We cannot and do not sell used carpet. We have no idea what could have taken place on used carpet, or what could be living in it. At Cox's Fine Floors our customers are our first priority and your health and well-being is our concern.

Do you rent carpet?


We cannot rent carpet because it falls under the category of "used" (see above). It also poses a problem for us if the carpet is returned to us in a damaged state.

How often do you get new stock?


At Cox's Fine Floors we carry an extensive stock of carpet products to make your carpeting options endless so that you select carpet that is perfect for you and your home. Please contact our showroom at 972-461-0707 to schedule a consultation.

What should I do if I live in a complex/condo/building/etc.?


It is very important to find out what requirements your building has for new flooring. Different buildings have different policies and insurance requirements, and it might take a couple of days for us to get any insurance paperwork together for your building before being able to start any work. Please find out ahead of time.

How soon can you install my carpets?


We are usually able to install carpeting the next day. If we order material, we can install the day after it arrives

What should I do to prepare for installation?


Before we install, we usually recommend the following: Computers, small breakable objects, and valuables should be put somewhere safe and out of the way.

Is there a charge for removal of existing carpet?


No. We do not charge for removal of existing padding and/or carpet. We do charge if the carpet is glued to the floor as the installers have to scrape the floor before new carpet can be installed.


How long will my carpet installation take?


This depends on many factors. Most carpet installations are done in one day. Large homes and offices might require multiple days to complete. Furniture, stair and bathroom installs will significantly slow an installation.

Should I paint before installation?


Yes. It is too dangerous to paint after we install new carpet.

Should I put in hard surface (tile, wood, and laminate) first?


Yes. It is easier to bring the carpet to the hard surface than the other way around. Our installation technicians can install metal or rubber transitions if needed.