Wood flooring has been a time-honored tradition for over a hundred years but if you are considering wood flooring for the very first time you may be wondering "What are the benefits of wood flooring as opposed to other flooring options." Below you will learn more about hardwood flooring and how you have truly made the right choice in your wood flooring investment.

Benefits of Hardwood Flooring:


The timeless beauty of a hardwood floor will always be in fashion. It adapts year after year to changes in décor, enhancing every environment and giving a distinction that only nature can produce. Being a natural product, no two hardwood floors are identical, each one being a unique masterpiece of nature! Your hardwood floor by Cox's Fine Floors is created with you in mind and just as you are your own person, your floors have been custom designed to accentuate your homes' decor and your own personality!


Hardwood is nature's own highly durable material. if Well cared-for, a hardwood floor will last generations. After years of hard wear and tear they can be easily restored to perfection.

Ease of Care

Caring for your hardwood floor could not be easier. Accidental spills are easily removed. Routine vacuuming or sweeping and occasional cleaning with a recommended cleaning product will keep your floor as beautiful as the day it was laid.

Health and well-Being

A hardwood floor does not harbor unpleasant problems like, dust mites or pet fleas, which can give rise to asthma and allergies. It provides a healthy allergen free environment.


Nature has given us a hardwood floor in a spectrum of beautiful colors. You can choose from distinctly patterned to simple straight grained. Olde world elegance, rustic charm or simple and modern are some choices of finishes. Your new floor can be as individual as your own taste. Our wood flooring experts at Cox's Fine Floors supply an endless variety of wood species for any decor or personal taste.


Wood is a natural material which man has used to enhance his environment for many centuries. A hardwood floor is a fixture which matures with age. As well as giving years of pleasure it also adds to the value, and sale-ability of a property, making it a sound investment rather than just a purchase. A hardwood floor custom designed by Cox's Fine Floors not only offers the finest in craftsmanship and product material but also is provided at a price competitive to the hardwood flooring industry.

Wood Floors Increases Your Homes' Property Value

According to a NWFA Real Estate Agents Wood flooring survey, homes with hardwood floors are easier to sell, 90% agree they sell for more money, and 82% agree they sell faster. In addition, more than half agree wood floors increase a homes' resale value, promote a healthier indoor living environment, are beautiful, and are easy to maintain.